• Selecting The Most Promising Startups

    We have a thorough screening process which allows us to pick the best startups to showcase on our platform.

  • A Thorough Process

    Globevestor follows a thorough screening process for startup companies that eventually launch as deals on its platform. The screening process involves three steps - deal origination, deal selection and deal launch. Of all the deals that originate, only a fraction of them are finally launched on Globevestor and we apologize that all the suggested deals cannot be listed. The Globevestor Investment Team and the Screening Committee review all the originated deals on a regular basis and select startup companies that align well with our Investment Thesis & whose deal terms are acceptable.

  • Deal Origination

    Globevestor receives startup deals from three sources: Local co-investment partners, Globevestor Investment Team and Globevestor website.

    Local Co-Investment Partners

    Globevestor has entered into strategic deal flow partnerships with leading angel investors, VCs, accelerator programs and incubators across several emerging markets. Our partners invest in highly promising startups in their regions and further refer them to us for co-investment.

    Globevestor Investment Team

    Our Investment Team is constantly on the lookout for high-impact emerging market-focused startup companies. Often when we come across a startup that fits our Investment Thesis well and is in need of early-stage capital, we initiate a conversation with them.


    We encourage startups to apply to us directly through our website, if they believe they meet our Investment Thesis. Ideally in such cases, we would prefer if the applying startups have a reputed lead investor in the current or a previous fundraising round.

  • Deal Selection

    Globevestor reviews all originated deals regularly with our Investment Thesis at the core to select the deals to be launched.

    Investment Thesis

    Globevestor Investment Team reviews the deals first to filter ones that align well with our Investment Thesis, which comprises the following key elements.

    1. Emerging Market Focus

    The consumers, businesses, governments or employees in one or more emerging markets should be one of the primary beneficiaries of the startup's business.

    2. Early-Stage

    The startup should be raising funds for early stage of its business. We will, at present, not help fund growth or mature phase of companies.

    3. High-Impact

    As a philosophy, the startup should be creating a high-impact business and not work towards a marginal improvement. Due to this, we prefer technology startups but it is not a must.

    4. Strong Team

    We aim to select startups with strong, committed and multi-skilled management teams.

    5. Demonstrated Traction

    We look for startup companies that have demonstrated strong and verifiable traction on key metrics.

    Globevestor Screening Committee

    Our Screening Committee goes through the filtered deals to evaluate, vet alignment with the Investment Thesis and agree on deal terms and valuation.

    1. Highly Experienced Members

    The Screening Committee includes the Globevestor team and a few leading angel investors, VCs, entrepreneurs and top-level business leaders from across the world.

    2. Focused Interaction

    The Screening Committee asks further questions to the startups to gather and understand additional information, which also contributes to the evaluation.

    3. Due Diligence

    The Committee reviews the valuation and deal terms of the startup companies to check if they are acceptable and whether the investor members on the platform will favorably view them.

  • Deal Launch

    Once a deal is selected, it proceeds through three stages to finally launch on the platform: profile buildup, pre-launch phase and deal launch.

    Profile Creation

    After selection, the startup team collates all the necessary information related to the deal. They work on the feedback received from the Investment Team and Screening Committee to refine their pitch. They may also create additional content like videos and presentations to clearly convey their idea.

    Preview Phase

    The deal is launched first in a preview mode for a certain period, when interested investor members can start tracking the deal. Members who track a deal get first access to invest in it upon launch, before the deal is open for all members.

    Fund Launch

    The deal is first launched for a limited period to members who are tracking the deal and then is launched to all members. Once launched, members can start investing in the deal. The decision on whether to launch the deal only to members tracking the deal or to all the members lies with Globevestor.