Our Investment Thesis is simple & straightforward.

Globevestor's Investment Team is constantly on the lookout for high-impact startups that meet our Investment Thesis. We look for a few key attributes when evaluating a potential investment, primarily to evaluate if you're fit for a VC-funded path.
1. Stellar team

We believe that the team is everything. We have affinity for strong, committed and multi-skilled founding teams that execute well together. A stellar team can navigate the high seas of entrepreneurship better with grit, resilience & agility.

2. Strong need

A strong need for your product or solution from the target segment is the bedrock of a successful startup. We look for indicators that show that the first few customers are identified and are delighted that you're building for them.

3. Large market

A large addressable market provides the breeding-ground for entrepreneurs to create huge shareholder wealth. A typical startup we fund will have future target market in a few billion dollars, which also allows rapid scale up.

4. High-impact

We get really excited by transformational ideas and are not too keen on incremental-improvement or me-too plays. If you startup has the ability to change the way an industry works, we believe the potential shareholder value creation can be huge.

5. Tech-driven

Our interests lie in ventures that are tech-focused or tech-enabled. Technology as a lever for growth will shorten the scale up time for your business considerably. We root for ideas that can potentially scale to $100M revenue in 7-8 years.

6. Early-stage

We write our first checks in startups mostly before their Series A round. We aim to enter an investment at pre-seed and seed rounds through our micro-funds or via platform syndicate funds. We re-invest a lot & have done so in 60% of our portfolio.

7. Geographic focus

We actively invest in India, US & Singapore based startups. About 60% of our portfolio firms are incorporated in India, while the remaining are incorporated in US & Singapore. From a target market perspective, we are excited by global opportunities.

Our Investment Process is quick & efficient.

Our aim is to be efficient in decision-making and deploying capital, from early conversations till eventual investment. While we're thorough and patient while taking investment decisions, we move very fast once we have conviction.
Investment decision

Once connected, we quickly evaluate your pitch. If we're excited, our Investment Team does founder conversations, detailed diligence, decides whether to invest & the quantum, and negotiates terms. If we're convinced, founders' job is done.

Fund formulation

Once the quantum & terms are agreed, our team works with the investor network for usually 1-2 weeks to formulate the syndicate fund. This is an internal process of Globevestor & founders don't need to play any role.

Investment execution

After fund formation, the capital is pooled in another 1-2 weeks & is ready to be wired to you. This is done in parallel with drafting agreements & legal-financial diligence. The fund writes a single check & our team takes up oversight roles.

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