We invest in the best startups & help them succeed.

Globevestor brings unprecedented access to highly-promising startup investments across geographies, for investors in its network. We do this by leveraging our deep networks & insider deal access, being super selective and setting up the portfolio for success.
Extensive sourcing

Find highly capable teams by leveraging strong in-bound deal flow & a stellar global network of successful founders & investors. Founder friendly approach helps win over competition.

Rigorous screening

Highly selective approach with acceptance rate of less than 2%. Dedicated Investment Team with cross-functional expertise, that conducts detailed due-diligence on every opportunity.

Set up for success

Active investing with oversight roles to guide founders. Local cross-border presence in US & India to support portfolio regionally. High network leverage to open up global connections for growth.

We make it easy for investors to back the next big idea.

Globevestor makes it really easy for qualified investors to build a diversified, global portfolio of exciting early-stage startup investments. And we do this while ensuring our incentives are completely aligned with those of the investors.
Easy diversification

Low minimum investment per deal to allow diversification, whatever be the check size of the investor. Cross-border deal sourcing focus enables global market exposure.

Aligned incentives

Fully aligned incentives with those of investors. Free to join, with no membership fee or commission. Globevestor makes money only through carry (profit share) when investors succeed.

Simple & secure

Extremely simple, easy to use & secure platform. Enabling investors to make end-to-end investments online, including browsing, selection, documentation, funds transfers & tracking.

We enable investors to make great financial returns.

Globevestor's diligent approach to investing brings real monetary benefits to investors. The startups we choose go on to win the confidence of leading VCs with incredible success rate, in turn helping them grow & provide returns to our investors.
High follow-on ratio

Our portfolio startups perform really well in raising follow-on rounds quickly. Almost 70% portfolio firms secure the next round within 18 months. Collectively, our portfolio has raised $190M till date.

Marquee investors

Globevestor portfolio startups go on to list the most well-known global startup investors as their backers. Follow-on investors in our portfolio startups include Sequoia, Accel, MSDF, Lightbox, Ford, Nokia, Mahindra & others.

Sizeable round sizes

Additional funding that our startups receive are through sizeable rounds. On average, a portfolio startup has raised $4.5M in subsequent rounds. The cumulative valuation of our portfolio is $650M now.

The graph data bars reflect the aggregated gross unrealized IRR for all the investments made in the respective vintage year, updated as of June 30, 2019. In marking up/down of our investment value, we follow the last round valuation/ waterfall method. Each investment is marked up or down based on real follow-on rounds, while unsuccessful investments are written-off completely. In addition, the graphs reflect the aggregated IRR for an equalized investment across all deals in the given year. This helps identify returns for an investor who participates with an equal check across all our deals.

Disclaimer: As investors would understand, past performance or unrealized returns are not a guarantee of future results. Investing in startups involves several risks and should be done only as part of a diversified portfolio, and by investors who understand these risks. Globevestor allows only accredited investors to invest. We do not provide any investment recommendations to investors, nor any legal, financial or tax advice. This information should not be construed as an investment recommendation.

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