Convince us about your venture. And consider it done.

Globevestor team remains at the forefront from the time you pitch to us till the time you provide us a successful exit. Founders never need to interact with anyone else in our network. Once our team is convinced, we've invested >90% of the time.
We're fast

Once we're convinced about investing, the money is ready to hit your bank within 3-4 weeks, before even the agreements are drafted. Unless of course, we're investing from our angel funds, in which case it can be the very next day!

We're efficient

Our team owns the entire screening, investment decision & post-investment oversight process. We shield founders from multiple, long-drawn pitches, like those via networks & platforms. You convince us well & that's all what is needed.

But we're picky

We've invested in less than 2% of the startups we've interacted with till date. Our sole aim is to have a great-quality portfolio and not volume of deals. We eagerly invest only in gritty founders that aim to change the world.

We are 'founders-first' in everything we do.

We understand that being an entrepreneur is hard. We wear that hat everyday too. And so we always have a 'founders first' attitude, which reflects in our investment terms, approach to oversight roles & support we provide to our portfolio.
We've been supported through thick & thin by the Globevestor team since our pre-seed round. They have constantly guided us towards capital efficiency & led our rounds at pivotal points, when we ran out of money twice!
Arunprasad Durairaj

Co-founder & CEO, Flintobox  |  Chennai

Globevestor is one of the best early stage investor one can get. Their acumen in envisaging the big picture is great. They have been instrumental in developing our understanding of product market fit and the larger story. They have also played a key role in our subsequent funding rounds with deep pitching insights and introductions to VCs.
Shailesh Prithani

Co-founder & CEO, Doxper  |  Mumbai

We owe a lot of our success since our pre-seed round to Globevestor. They've literally been part of our team, whether for leading investor negotiations or for coaching every co-founder through our tough times.
Kushagra Srivastava

Co-founder & CEO, Chakr Innovation  |  Gurgaon

And we're long-term partners. With global expertise.

We take a long-term view of our investments and don't chase quick exits. We are together in it with you to build huge, valuable companies. And our global network & physical presence are a great leverage for portfolio teams.
Long investing horizon

We invest for the long haul and our typical investment horizon is 4-5 years at the minimum. We are continuous supporters of our investments and have re-invested in over 60% of our portfolio companies.

Aligned incentives

We charge nothing to startups. No fee, no commission, no sweat or advisory equity, no listing charges, and no commission in the garb of ploughed-back equity. We win when you successfully scale your venture.

Global expertise

We believe in being engaged without being nosy. Globevestor team actively gets involved in devising the portfolio companies' strategy and direction. We open our global networks & knowledge for the founders to leverage.

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