• How It Works

    Find out how Globevestor's unique global marketplace for cross-border early-stage investing works.

  • Globevestor provides an end-to-end solution for cross-border early stage investments for both investors and startups. Investors can browse startup deals, interact with founding teams, take investment decisions, e-sign legal documents, make payments and keep connected with their portfolio companies, all through the online platform. At the other end, startups can raise funds, get one-on-one mentorship and leverage networks of their well-connected investors through the platform.

  • Registering & Browsing Funds

    Free To Join

    Sign up on Globevestor for free without paying any annual membership fees, unlike typical angel clubs.


    As Globevestor is open for accredited investors only, self-certify your accredited investor status during signup.

    Unprecedented Access

    Get insider access to pre-screened, high-impact startups focused on different emerging markets globally.

    Stay Updated

    Manage your alerts and email updates for new deal launches and updates on current deals, at the frequency you are comfortable with.

  • Selecting Funds

    Track Funds

    Browse funds through detailed online profiles and track ones of interest with ease. Get email updates and priority access to your tracked deals.

    Engage with Founders

    Ask your questions to founders through the platform and view founders' replies to all investor queries.

    Evaluate Terms

    Benefit from an international tax friendly framework to minimize capital gains tax upon a liquidity event.

  • Making Investments

    Low Minimums

    Invest at much smaller check sizes than typical angel clubs, with minimum investment of US$1k-4k per deal. Hedge your risk across several startup deals keeping the same total portfolio size.

    Additional Information

    Provide additional information online to verify your accredited investor status.

    Pay Online

    Make your investment online with ease through our different modes of online funds transfer.

    E-Sign Documents

    Sign all the legal documentation online on the platform, using electronic signature.

  • Supporting Portfolio Companies

    Stay Updated

    Receive regular updates on your portfolio startup companies directly from their founders.

    Providing Support

    Extend your connections & network upon request from your portfolio startups and spread the word to help them find new customers, partners and investors.

    Providing Mentorship

    Dedicate your time remotely to guide your portfolio startups overcome challenges in your area of expertise.

    Network & Connect

    Meet your portfolio startup companies, as well as other investors & entrepreneurs, at various offline and online events organized by Globevestor.

  • Before Fundraising

    Reach Out

    Apply directly through Globevestor website or connect to us through your accelerator program, incubator, angels or VC investors.

    Interact with Us

    If required, respond to the Globevestor Screening Committee's questions to help get us convinced that you meet our Investment Thesis.

  • During Fundraising

    Build Profile

    Once selected, incorporate feedback from Screening Committee and build a convincing, accurate profile that generates interest of members.

    Answer Queries

    Understand members' concerns and answer their important queries through the platform.

    Engage Members

    Keep interested members engaged till deal closure with latest updates on your business.

  • Post-Investment

    Keep Investors Updated

    Regularly update your investors with news on your business to keep them aware of their investment's performance.

    Seek Mentorship

    Take advantage of your investors' expertise in developed markets to get one-on-one mentorship from them on issues you face.

    Leverage Investor Network

    Leverage the valuable network of your investors to get introduced to new customers, business partners, potential hires and future investors.

    Participate in Events

    Network and connect with the entrepreneur and investor community at any of Globevestor's offline and online events.