• Connecting Smart Capital and High-Impact Ideas, Across Borders

    We help investors and entrepreneurs scale the geographical barriers separating smart capital and high-impact ideas in emerging markets.

  • Globevestor

    Globevestor is a global online venture capital platform that facilitates cross-border early-stage investing with a focus on emerging markets.


    Globevestor's platform connects global (initially US and Europe-based) investors and mentors with promising startups in emerging markets, facilitating the movement of smart capital & know-how across borders to help build high-impact businesses that'll change the world.

    Curated Marketplace

    Using Globevestor's curated online marketplace, investors can invest small amounts (as little as $1K) in pre-screened promising startups in emerging markets through a novel legal and tax-friendly framework. On the other hand, entrepreneurs in these markets can better raise early-stage risk capital and build a global network of experienced mentors and advisors.


    Globevestor's team has a strong vision and plan to make Globevestor THE online platform of choice (for funding, mentorship and education) for high-impact entrepreneurship in emerging markets.

  • Investors

    We are backed by a strong network of investors and mentors.