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Globevestor finds & invests in high-impact businesses that solve real problems, enabling investors to participate in the next big idea. We back resilient founders, who target large markets to create huge shareholder wealth.

India's pioneer in self-drive car & bike rentals.

Greg & David founded Zoomcar in 2013 to bring sharing economy to transportion in India. The company is today the leader in the market by far.

We first invested in them in 2014. They've raised $100M in funding till date. Follow-on investors include Sequoia, Ford, Nokia, Mahindra, Reliance, Cyber Carrier & others.

Pathbreaking online school for professionals.

Gautam & Parul founded Springboard in 2013 to help people learn better online. The company is now renowed for the student learning outcomes.

We first invested in them in 2015. It has raised $23M in funding. Follow-on investors include Costanoa Ventures, Learn Capital, Reach Capital, IFC & Jyoti Bansal.

Innovative early-learning company for young kids.

Arun, Vijay & Shreenidhi founded Flintobox in 2013 to redefine early learning for kids in India. Now its one of the most-recognizable brands among kids & parents.

We first invested in the company in 2014. It has raised total $14M in funding. Notable investors include Lightbox Ventures, IAN, GSF, Vijay Shekhar Sharma & others.

Healthcare digitization & analytics for India.

Shailesh, Randeep & Pawan founded Doxper in 2015 to revolutionize Indian healthcare with technology. Today it's the most widely-used digitization product in hospitals.

We first invested in the company in 2017, which has raised total $7M in funding. Investors include Alkemi, Vidal Healthcare, growX Ventures & others.

Spiritual social network for a billion Indians.

Rahul founded MyMandir in 2016 to enable the masses have a more convenient spiritual journey. It today boasts of millions of regular users.

We first invested in the company in 2017, which has raised $2M in funding. Follow-on investors include Accel, Shunwei Capital, Kashyap Deorah & others.

We do all the heavy lifting, so you don't have to.

Globevestor only invests in the most-promising startups. We do the hard yards of portfolio curation & management, so you don't have to. We invest in less that 2% of the startups we interact with. This relentless quality focus reflects in our portfolio's performance.


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