• Adding Value to Both Investors and Startups

    We are a unique global marketplace adding value to both investors and startups.

  • Emerging Market Access

    An unprecedented opportunity to participate in the emerging markets growth story.

    Online Global Marketplace

    Globevestor brings for its members a highly curated investment marketplace of the most-promising startup companies with an emerging markets focus. Members benefit from an otherwise elusive opportunity to gain from the success of startups that focus on leveraging the rapidly rising power of the emerging market consumers, enterprises or workforce. Startup deals from around the globe enable members to easily diversify their portfolio and hedge risks of investing in a single market.

  • Industry-Standard Investments

    Enjoy the same level of benefits available to large global Private Equity and Venture Capital funds

    Investment Framework

    Globevestor also ensures that members profit from their cross-border investments in the most tax friendly and legal way possible under international laws. This is achieved by navigating your investments through a combination of innovative and legal fund structures, double-taxation avoidance agreements and tax-friendly offshore destinations, under the advice of our global network of legal counsels and tax advisors.

  • Simple & Secure

    Easy and secure investing, enabled by a simple, online system.

    Secure Platform

    Globevestor's extremely simple, easy to use and secure platform enables investors to do end-to-end investments through the online platform, including the financial transactions and all legal documentation. Globevestor also invests primarily with reputed co-investment partners across emerging markets to reduce the risk of early stage investments for its members.

    Post investment interactions with the founders of investee startups are made easy as well through Globevestor's platform and several offline and online events.

  • Aligned Incentives

    Fully aligned incentives with members so that you make the most of your investments.

    You Succeed, We Succeed

    Globevestor succeeds if the investments of its members succeed. We do not charge a membership fee or a commission and make money only when the funds make positive returns. We are thus fully invested in making only the right choices in terms of target startup companies and amount of investment in each fund.

    Investment Size Choice

    We do not push members to invest high amounts and instead encourage them to participate by keeping a low minimum investment amount. A bigger fund size is not our goal and we do not draw our compensation from the members' investments.

  • Global Network

    Global network of highly successful and well-connected investors & mentors.

    Quality Network

    Globevestor is constantly building an investor community of leading angels, venture capital investors, entrepreneurs, business leaders and professionals from different walks of life in developed markets. These highly accomplished professionals provide the funded startups access to their vast network that acts as a huge global asset for any fledgling startup.

    Get connected to new customers, business partners, potential hires, marketing or PR firms, legal or accounting advisors and trustworthy vendors across the globe.

  • Smart Capital

    Access to smart capital without giving up control

    Fundraising Without Distractions

    Globevestor gives startups an opportunity to get funded without getting distracted from their core focus. Investors at Globevestor do not take up a board seat and instead act as pure advisors for the funded startups. Even in rare cases, if Globevestor sits on the board as a nominee of its investors, the aim is equip startups with smart capital without affecting their control on strategy or operations.

    The investors are available as mentors for the funded startups to reach out for direct interactions. Globevestor's investor members boast of strategic & operational expertise across multiple industries, functions & geographies and you would find immediate impact.

  • Transparent Process

    Highly efficient, transparent and startup-friendly fundraising process.

    Startup Friendly

    The primary aim at Globevestor is to help startups get funded in the most efficient and transparent way. We want you to spend your time doing what you do best - building your company. Globevestor achieves this through standardized documents; upfront deal terms and a no-surprises policy. We will also give you an answer from our Screening Committee quickly.